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Parks Fuels truly understands how critical energy is for our customers. In the past, when other fuel companies abandoned the oil fields as the demand for drilling fell, Parks Fuels doubled-down on helping the people who call West Texas home. Without a doubt, this multi-generational family business established by native-born West Texans maintains a deep appreciation for the needs of our community.

West Texas Fuel and Oil Delivery

With small beginnings as a single Gulf Oil service station in Big Spring, Texas after World War II, the Parks brand has incorporated hundreds of families into into its own. Building on the traditions of hard working and family-oriented West Texans, Parks Fuels is committed to each and every customer, no matter how small or large.

The Premier Wholesale Fuel And Lubricant Distributor In Texas

Since 1948, Parks Fuels LTD has worked tirelessly to become one of the premier distributors of fuel and refined petroleum products in West Texas. Founded in Big Spring, Texas, Parks Fuels relies on decades of experience transporting gasoline and diesel in the area. Over the years, we have continuously provided local businesses and various government agencies the energy products they need to operate. With Parks Fuels’ large fleet of modern vehicles and equipment, both farmers and ranchers and Fortune 500 companies rely on our expertise in the industry. Each year Parks Fuels hauls tens of millions of gallons of fuel throughout West Texas.

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